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What are the Essential Duties of an HOA Manager?

Planned neighborhoods like a condo or cooperative often establish associations to look after the operations of the communities. Most communities in Florida use third-party service to look after the affairs of their community associations. They hire a homeowners association manager directly or through an HOA management company. In either case, you will have many duties to perform as a property manager.

The managers run the day-to-day operations of the associations, besides interacting with the board members, homeowners, and contractors. Other responsibilities include calling meetings, preparing budgets, and handling repair and maintenance tasks.

What is HOA management?

HOA management implements the regulations and guidelines for the planned neighborhoods in Florida. They undertake the standard actions necessary for improving the value of properties, such as handling cleanliness and doing repair and maintenance tasks to improve living conditions in the community.

In most cases, the requirements also include assistance with landscaping, designating and building common parking spaces, and constructing common swimming pools, party spaces, and tennis courts. The services can vary depending on the association’s contract with the management company or manager. Managing homeowners association in Florida could include almost every responsibility, or it could have a minimal role.

The HOA's Role

The homeowners elect the board of directors of the organization, empowering them to make important decisions and undertake common work on their behalf. The board is expected to arrange for and supervise maintenance works in the common spaces and provide shared services. The association collects fees from the homeowners, besides enforcing rules and policies and resolving complaints and disputes.

The HOA Problem

Homeowners associations in Florida experience many problems in performing all their responsibilities. Most associations use the services of volunteers from among the residents to do all the work. However, volunteers lack certification and often become overwhelmed as the scope of work increases. In such scenarios, the board uses the services of a third-party company or hires a property manager to do the work. This is a good approach because managing a planned neighborhood requires a dedicated manager, with specialized training and certificate in the field and excellent knowledge of the Florida statutes.

Given the importance of a property manager in running the affairs of the neighborhood and association, the board must hire the manager vigilantly. Completing the Florida HOA board member certification course can arm you with the necessary knowledge to choose the best talent for your association.

Duties of an HOA manager

An HOA manager, also called property manager, possesses the certification to work as a dedicated and specialized HOA manager. The certificate enables the manager to provide expert assistance to the board members in running the organization’s operations.

Here are the typical and essential duties of an HOA manager in Florida:

Enforcing Rules and Regulations

An HOA manager’s primary duty involves preparing and implementing community rules and regulations. These rules help maintain the common areas' aesthetic appeal, adding value to the properties. The rules are related to landscaping, maintenance, parking, building construction, complaint resolution, and external appearance of the homes in the neighborhood. The manager must ensure proper enforcement of the Florida statutes and the association’s rules and regulations.

Dispute Resolution

The second most important duty of the manager is to mediate and resolve conflicts and disputes between the homeowners. The common points of conflicts in planned communities include property encroachment, excessive noise, and violation of rules and regulations. The manager generally works with the homeowners involved in the dispute to arbitrate a solution. They may fine non-compliant homeowners in case of recurrent violations.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The manager’s duty includes arranging resources and working with contractors to maintain and upkeep the common areas. Some examples of amenities that require maintenance include parks, parking lots, swimming pools, and sports areas. The manager may also be responsible for hiring a landscaping service to cut grass and look after the trees and plants in the common areas. Furthermore, maintenance of shared lighting and repair of the equipment are also part of the HOA manager’s job.


Managing planned neighborhoods requires excellent recordkeeping skills. The records and books of accounts have to be appropriately maintained, safely stored, and made easily accessible for the board, homeowners, and government authorities. As such, the HOA manager is expected to exercise vigilant recordkeeping concerning homeowner files, contracts, budget files, and meeting minutes, among others. Having a certification in HOA management can sharpen your recordkeeping skills.

Financial administration

The manager is responsible for enforcing the organization’s by-laws, which typically includes tasks like fee collection, bill payments, budgetary advice, financial statements preparation, and IRS tax compliance. Getting an HOA certification requires you to exhibit solid financial and administration skills.

Other Responsibilities

Property managers in Florida may also assist the association board members with meetings, keep the homeowners posted on any amendments made to the rules and regulations, and represent the organization in dealings with internal and external stakeholders. He or she may even be tasked with facilitating board elections.


Licensed HOA managers exhibit specialized and unique skills in running the affairs of homeowners association like that for condominiums and cooperatives. The board must exercise due diligence when hiring a community manager. As an association board member, consider enrolling in the HOA board certification course to gain the essential knowledge and good understanding of the applicable Florida statutes. You can complete the course online.

The essential duties of the property managers in Florida have been explained above. As a member of the HOA board, you can use this information to choose a reliable and skilled manager who possesses a certificate to work in the field.

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