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Florida Board Member Certification Online Course for Condo, HOA & Coop

State-approved 4-hour certification for newly elected association board members to comply with Florida’s 2024 education requirement.

Designed to provide exactly what you need to know to become an effective board director and officer.

Course Outline:

1. Community Operations
2. Budget & Reserves
3. Records Access
4. Bids and Contracts

5. Financial Reporting

6. Elections

7. Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution


One (1) Board Member 


Two (2) Board Members


Up to 6 Board Members 


Florida Board Member Certificate
Florida Board Member House
Florida Board Member Mobile
Florida Board Member Completion

Earn the state of Florida board member leadership Certification.


4-hour self-paced certification online certification from the comfort and privacy of your home.


Fast and comprehensive course using your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Instant certification delivery

upon course completion.

The Course is Specifically Tailored to Your Type of Association

As an owner living in a condominium, homeowners association, or cooperative, you understand how important it is to have an reliable board of directors. 

This certification is designed to provide a foundation for effective community association board members.

Florida Board Member Association Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What Florida law requires for newly elected Condo, HOA and Coop board members about getting certified?

Newly elected or appointed directors must complete an approved 4-hour education course within 90 days of their election or appointment. Additionally, they must sign a written certification affirming that they have read and will uphold the association's governing documents.

How do I establish compliance with Florida’s new board member certification requirement?

You will receive a certificate of completion immediately after completing the course. You can then print or electronically submit your certificate to the secretary of your board.

Do I have to complete the course all at once?

Our online course tracks your progress and automatically bookmarks the last page you viewed. If you exit the course before completion, it will automatically open where you left off during your last session. 

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