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Is it Better to Take CAM courses Online or in a Classroom?

A community association manager (CAM) is someone who has jurisdiction over a condominium or homeowners association. They hence can deal with both property owners and homeowners. It is a necessity in the State of Florida for anyone who practices community management to have a CAM license. Otherwise, it will be going against the Florida statutes.

CAM courses Online or Classroom

You can acquire a license by taking an online CAM course or having regular classes at an institute that offers the same. Both are sufficient ways of studying, depending on your preference and availability. The main difference is that an online course will be taken through a gadget anywhere. The regular classes require you to be present in a classroom.

Below are some of the advantages of both avenues of study as far as CAM is concerned.

Advantages of Online CAM Courses

1. Cost-effective

Online courses can be taken in the comfort of your room or gym. You won’t have to spend anything on transport. It is a positive input to your savings account. Also, compared to regular classes, CAM license online courses are cheaper.

2. Breathing Room

The flexibility that comes along with studying online is beyond efficient. Having the right environment that suits your academic needs is key to achieving. If you would be more comfortable studying in the dead of night, you have that luxury as opposed to regular classes. Online courses also accommodate activities such as traveling, and you will not be hindered by the fact that you should be physically present in a classroom.

3. Grasping self-discipline

Online studies come along with the task of learning to be responsible for your time. With no fixed schedules and no supervision, one may tend to veer away from his/her studies. However, if you are focused on getting a meaningful certificate at the end of the day, you will have to manage your time efficiently. This will come in handy, even in workplaces.

4. Career and hobby nurturing

Since you will not have any scheduled time for classes, you can work your way around having a job. You can also participate in other things that interest you. You can progress in several different fields besides your studies. This is an added advantage to your CV.

5. Obtaining your CAM license faster

If you are a fast learner, you will finish the license course sooner than the regular curriculum. This, in turn, means getting your certificate and the Florida CAM license sooner than others.

Advantages of Learning in a Classroom

1. Greater focus

Classroom learning gives you a chance to be away from anything that may distract you from listening. With a professor present, participation in class will also be necessary. The professor may ask occasional questions, requiring you to be attentive at all times. This, in turn, translates to you understanding better.

2. Interaction

Learning in a classroom allows you to interact with other students. You have a platform to share information and to gain from the others. If you have an issue in a particular area, it will be more comfortable to ask your professor or another student for their insight. It becomes motivating and fun, unlike in online studying.

You will be able to respect people from all walks of life since a classroom will have people of different races, characters, etc.

3. Improved confidence levels

Traditional schooling will require you to be involved in presentations, reports, and generally answering the questions that are asked. It enhances the ability of one to be able to express their opinions in front of a group of people. With time, even a shy student will improve their courage. These skills will be required in the workplace.

4. Networking

Your presence in a classroom is an excellent place to start acquiring job opportunities. Professors will always touch on the most favorable places to start and can also be referees for your resume. Workshops will enable you to meet with people who can be of help when the time comes to think in terms of career.

5. Required attention

Attention in class is vital, especially in the cases of understanding ability. Having a problem in the classroom setting will give you a chance to get the help you need from a lecturer. In group discussions, you are also able to get help from your peers if there is something hard for you to grasp.

Acquiring a Florida CAM license Online

Obtaining a Florida CAM license online is quite an easy process. Here are some steps that you need to take.

  • First, enroll for a pre-license course, which is 16 hours, and should be completed 12 months before the CAM exam.

  • Hand in an application for a license to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, then register for electronic fingerprinting.

  • Take your course, and after completion, you will receive a certificate of course completion. Submit this certificate to the same Department as the application.

  • After receiving approval from the state, schedule, and sit for your state exam. Make sure to pass the state CAM exam to obtain your license successfully.

Both online and classroom learning have their pros. Online classes are best for busy people or in continuing education from elsewhere. Traditional classroom learning is helpful for interactions and extensive help. With the right mindset, both options will help you make the next big move in your career.



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