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2024 Compensation and Benefits for Licensed Community Association Managers in Florida

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

How much money does a community association manager (CAM) make in Florida?

Florida CAM Benefits

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2023 reported the average salary of a licensed Community Association Manager in Florida was approximately $71,257 per year, with this salary varying depending on location and experience.

Florida CAM Job Snapshot

The average hours that CAMs worked per week was 45, and their career satisfaction score was quite high, rating a 4.25 out of a possible 5. The averages come from 1,482 CAM professionals in Florida who have

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What Does a CAM Do?

CAMs are responsible for overseeing and managing condominiums, homeowners’ associations, planned unit developments, cooperatives, timeshares and mobile home parks. In Florida, CAMs are required to satisfactorily complete a 16-hour pre-license online course or class prior to taking the State exam.

What About Benefits?

Over half of CAM employers (63%) offered health insurance. The average number of vacation days was 15 per year, along with 5 sick days.

Florida CAM Benefits Snapshot

Salary Ranges

As might be expected, there are great variations between the salaries that Community Association Managers are able to earn across the entire state. In some regions, salaries are considerably higher than in other parts of the state, and, of course, entry level workers are paid significantly less than highly experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for some time.

The average yearly salary for CAM in Florida ranges from $36,521 for the 10% of workers who are at the lowest-paid end of the wages spectrum up to $132,165 for the 10% of employees who are in the highest-paid sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Florida CAM Average Income

The average income rises fairly quickly at the beginning, reaching $64,311 after just four years of experience. Then the increase is more like what one would expect from other jobs, reaching $67,758 with between five and nine years of experience, $68,912 with between ten and nineteen years on the job, and finally attaining the average income of $74,557 with twenty or more years of experience.

Metropolitan Area Pay Variations

There are some distinct variations in CAM salary depending on which metropolitan area employees are working in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CAMs in Tampa only earn an average of $63,040 annually, however further north in Tallahassee, the average salary per year stands at a considerably higher $71,410. Average earnings annually come out at $69,370 in Miami, but in Ocala to the north, CAM average salaries were noticeably lower, being only $54,900 a year. The Naples and Marco island area boasts the highest CAM salaries of all, standing at $73,400 per year on average.

Licensed CAMs are satisfied and optimistic

Overall, CAMs are happy in their careers. In fact, when compared to all American workers across all professions, CAMs are 21 percentage points more satisfied. Last year’s survey respondents had a higher satisfaction (74% were satisfied or very satisfied with their career).

Florida CAM Satisfaction

CAMs continue to be optimistic about the future of their career, respondents indicating their future looks bright. This optimism is fueled by the strength of the economy in Florida over the past several years

Huge Job Opportunities

With over 40,000 community associations in Florida, management companies and elected board members are looking for licensed community association managers.

Florida Community Associations by Type

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