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Top Career Benefits of Obtaining a CAM License

The real estate business is becoming quite popular with new realtors coming up each day. To stay ahead of the game, you must advance your career.

If you are already in real estate, you can advance your career by taking an online course.

Career Benefits CAM License

Because the real estate business is extensive, there are different licenses that you can pursue. CAM certification is one such course that can help you advance your career. With some real estate experience, you have undoubtedly heard of other career paths that you could follow. So, which one should you choose? Is the CAM certification in Florida worth it?

Well, if you are not sure whether you are making the decision, we hope this article helps you decide. Below, we take a look at the top three ways that a CAM license could benefit your career.

Why Do You Need to Obtain a CAM License?

If you already have a background in real estate, you may probably not find the need for a Florida CAM course. Sure, you could end up starting your own real estate business, but it may not be as easy as you think.

You may want to get into traditional employment first. If this is the path you choose, becoming a community association manager may be the big break your career has been waiting for. If you are still not convinced why you should take the state exam, here are a few benefits of the CAM course to your career.

Helps you put your creative skills to the task

The real estate business is booming. Each day, there are more and more listings on real estate websites. As a real estate manager, you can manage the common issues in your line of work. These duties include client control, rental turnover, and advertising costs.

However, undertaking a CAM program provides the extra edge that you need.

The educational courses equip you with additional skill sets that come in handy in the emerging business world. With a CAM license, you are well-equipped to handle unique situations and ensure the community around you is satisfied.

Offers stable employment

Being a Florida CAM assures you of steady work. A community association manager in Florida is in charge of community operations. Some of the functions that CAMs are usually in charge of include maintaining the residential development in the community, overseeing how the community association operates, preparing the budgets for the community association, ensuring that Florida statutes are followed, among other duties. Because of this, you can be sure that you will always have something to do.

Another advantage of taking a license course is that it sets you apart from other realtors. The higher certification comes with more job opportunities. With a little experience in the field, you could be exactly what real estate business is looking for.

Earns you a great salary

Being a licensed CAM in Florida comes with monetary benefits, as well. As a community association manager, you will always smile on your way to the bank.

On average, a CAM in Florida earns around $70,000 each year. This is undoubtedly a good figure. With time, you can gain more experience and climb higher in terms of your career. As this happens, so does your salary increase.

Makes your career transition easier

Transitioning careers is never an easy move. However, if you are already in the real estate business, you can make a smooth transition after you obtain your CAM license.

If you are ready to make that career change, then it’s time you got your CAM license in Florida. The state of Florida requires that you be over 18 years old and complete the cam pre-license course that is 18 hours long. The CAM pre-license is an online course, after which you need to sit for and pass the CAM exam. The state will also conduct an electronic background check by using fingerprint verification before you are given the go-ahead.

The next step would be to submit your course completion certificate, together with your licensing application to the department of business and professional regulation. You can access the licensing application either in print or by applying online.


After obtaining your license, you will be required to renew it every two years before the 30th of September. You will also need to complete 20 hours of continuing education, which must be approved by the state before the date of renewal.

Well, there you have it. We hope that you are now convinced that having some community association management experience will look good in your resume.

If you are already swamped with a 9-5, you may dismiss these courses with the excuse of not having enough time. Well, not to worry, you can take an online CAM course to help you obtain your certification. Besides, the pre-license course comes with some practice questions that will help you get ready for the state exam.

You have no excuse as to why you should not take some education courses for your CAM certification. If you are ready to take your career to new heights, then make the bold move to get your Florida CAM license.



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