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How to Pass the Florida CAM License Exam the First Time?

1. You have plenty of time

You are given 3 hours to fill in your answers. Take a long deep breath, trust yourself, your preparation, and do not rush.

Florida Pass CAM Exam First Time

2. Read every question…twice!

Our brain can sometimes play sneaky tricks on us and make us think we read a word that wasn’t even there. Make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to get a question correct by re-reading each question, at least two times. Complete as many practice tests from CAM courses in Florida.

3. Read every answer...twice!

Always read through all the possible answers before making your choice. It is possible that you mark a somewhat correct answer, but it wasn’t what the question was asking exactly. Reading all the answers gives you the best chance of not missing something important.

4. Big is better

When faced with a question that you just can’t figure out, a neat tactic is to choose the answer that is the longest. Don’t use this tactic for all questions as it won’t always work. Instead, use it when you are completely stumped.

5. Use the true/false trick on multiple answer questions

When you have a multiple-choice question, a great trick to ensure you don’t miss an important detail is to answer each option as a true or false question. When you find the odd one out, you know the answer.



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