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Is it difficult for an introvert to become a real estate agent?

Updated: 4 days ago

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The real estate business requires agents to make phone calls, meet many people, make house calls, show groups of people around properties, and then negotiate with them. Does it sound like the kind of job a social butterfly would love?

Naturally, it may seem quite counter-intuitive at first to think that an introvert – who would rather watch a movie at home than go to a party - would choose real estate as their choice of career. You might ask whether introverts make good real estate agents? Of course, they can.

There is this common misconception that introverts make incapable real estate agents. This myth can be attributed, in part, to a misunderstanding of what it really means to have an introverted or extroverted personality.

This article will help clarify how a real estate agent introvert can be quite successful and possibly even more successful than extroverts in the industry. And if you're someone less social and just starting out on this career path, the Florida real estate license course can help you become a competent real estate agent. We also have some tips to help you succeed in the real estate industry as a less sociable individual.

Introverts vs. Extroverts

Most people think being extrovert means being loud and social and often associate introverts with being shy, reserved, and unsociable. However, that's not true at all.

Carl Jung was the first to coin these terms. He defined an extrovert individual as someone who is energized more by external factors and introvert as a person is stimulated by internal factors. Going by these definitions, it is wrong to assume that introverts can't talk to people or that extroverts are always communicative and social.

Extroversion, in a more accurate sense of the word, is associated with people who thrive in large groups. Talking things out helps them think and decide better. Introverts, on the other hand, prefer quiet, reflective thinking and small groups of people. They like one-on-one communication and think before they speak instead of speaking first to think better.

What Makes Introverts Successful Agents?

As mentioned above, introverts prefer small groups of people. They tend to think first and speak later. They have many traits that work in their favor when dealing with clients. All of this can help you become a successful agent.

A good real estate agent will always develop strong relationships with clients and give more time to one-on-ones. The following qualities found in introverts are key to building a sustainable real estate business: 


Introverts can focus on one thing for an extended period. They prefer sorting out their thoughts and decisions internally before expressing them. They spend substantial time thinking over a problem or task.

Internal validation

A person with introverted characteristics has great trust in their own ability and gut. They rarely rely on other people, which helps them show a new house to a client in more convincing ways.

Observation and listening skills

Introverts like to make sense of things, and they achieve that through careful listening, observation, and analysis. Real estate agents need to be able to interpret their clients' body language and cues to build a good rapport. Introverts are really good at it, thanks to their sense of observation.


Introverts use their observation to understand all sides of a situation and remain objective, preventing their emotions from taking over. This comes in handy when dealing with real estate clients who often use emotions to make decisions. Many introverts like helping people, which means they can help a buyer or seller to make a practical decision by giving them a better offer.  

Tips for Introverts Who're in the Property Business

Given the above attributes, real estate agents with introverted personalities can perform very well at their jobs - they observe, analyze, and make objective decisions. This is beneficial for both the buyers and sellers. If you still think you'll not be able to do well as a real estate professional because of your personality type, getting the real estate license Florida can help you make a bright career. Here are some useful tips to bring you more success: 

Partner up

If you think that being an independent agent isn't really working out for you, consider working with other real estate professionals, such as a broker or brokerage firm. You know duos and trios are also common, and you don't have to do it all alone. But remember that whoever you choose to team up with should be someone you trust and are comfortable working in a way that lets each of your best skills shine through.

Use networking methods that you prefer

Big conferences and open houses aren't the only ways to meet and know people. If you're uncomfortable in big crowds, try methods that work for you. You could network via social media, and use drone videos and virtual tours for marketing your property without any unneeded interactions.

Play to your strengths

If you think you're better at writing listing descriptions instead of showing people around, then do just that! You can hire an assistant or work with a partner so that you do what you're good at, and the other person does what you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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