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The Best Online Florida Real Estate School for You

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Completing the pre-licensing education is your first step toward an exciting and very lucrative real estate career. The demand for housing in Florida has never been higher. The commissions you can earn on these properties are substantial. You can learn how to become a real estate agent in Florida. But how do you select the best Florida real estate school for you? Here are some tips.

1. Look for unbiased and recent reviews.

When you shop online, you probably look for products with a high average of five-star reviews. Unfortunately, not all schools post verified reviews. Some reviews are solicited and paid for, or just written by the school owners. You’ll find few if any negative reviews. Some real estate schools even post “fake” school rankings.

A good way to make sure you are reading genuine reviews is to use multiple sources for Florida online real estate school reviews. Check Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Facebook. You’re looking for schools with a track record, so they should show at least 100 reviews. Remember too that there will always be people who are not completely satisfied. If you find a few critical reviews, it’s actually a good indication that the reviews are “real.”

2. Pricing.

You’ll find that the costs for online Florida real estate schools differ widely. You might be tempted to choose the one with the lowest price, but there are many things to consider besides price. The money you will make as a Florida Realtor® will soon cover the expense of your online real estate course, so why not choose the school that offers you the most? This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive one. You will want to choose a pre-licensing course that offers you everything you will need to pass your licensing exam and that will continue to support you in your career.

3. The school must offer practice questions for the state exam.

Practice exams are an enormously important part of the curriculum of the school you choose. There is no way to tell which 100 questions will be on the Florida Real Estate exam you take. The best schools provide questions and exams that cover everything that could possibly be on the exam. The best questions provide explanations for every question, making each one a learning tool. When you’re regularly achieving a 75% or higher score on the practice exams, you’ll know you’re ready. You can walk into your exam feeling confident, and you’ll also be more knowledgeable when you begin your career as a real estate agent.

4. Find out if the school offers extensive student support.

Make sure that the online Florida real estate school you choose will help you with any problems you encounter. You may need technical support with the program, or have questions about the curriculum or other issues. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can count on a student support team to answer your questions, and that you’re not alone on your journey to licensure.

5. What format does the school offer?

Online courses are preferred by many students because you can study on your own schedule. This is important for people with busy schedules, jobs, and children and for those who live in areas where in-person classes aren’t available or are far away. Some people do better with the discipline of going to class at a certain time in a certain place. You should evaluate whether an online or face-to-face class will be best for you when you choose your Florida real estate school.

6. Does the real estate school you are considering offer continuing education and broker licensing education?

Although your primary goal is to pass the pre-licensure course and then the state exam, it’s wise to choose a school that also offers the continuing education (CE) courses required for you to keep your license active. Another consideration is that down the road you may want to become a real estate broker. As a former successful student, you will find it convenient to attend the same school for CE or brokerage pre-licensure courses. You will already be familiar with the format and the student support personnel.

In conclusion, once you have considered all the factors, you should be able to choose the right Florida real estate school for you. The one that will give you the most for your money and prepare you well for passing the state exam that will launch you into the sensational field of real estate.



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