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The Community Association Manager Certification Journey in Florida

I'm a strong advocate of the value of certifications. A certification gives you a common foundation of knowledge and skills in a given area. A certification announces to the industry that you have acquired that ability and are qualified to speak and act in that field. It provides a layer of protection between you and the cynics who question your credibility.

1. The Prelicensure Community Association Manager Education

All community association manager applicants must complete a minimum of 18 hours from an approved pre-license education provider within 12 months prior to the date of passing the State exam. This training requirement can be completed online or in-class.

2. Complete a Community Association Manager License Application

The application can be completed online, no matter where you live. Florida residency is not required.

3. Get your Fingerprints Taken

Florida requires electronic fingerprints be taken and criminal background checked before issuing a professional license.

4. Schedule the State Exam

Test centers are located throughout the United States. You will certainly find a test center near you.


This is achievable, affordable and very possible for everyone.

So why not start out the Florida CAM Course online for your self-development, maybe even a better job? Show your colleagues, your boss and yourself that you are serious about the industry and your career, and plot your training toward

becoming a Community Association Manager. This designation does make a difference!

Need help planning your own licensing journey to help you pass the State exam the first time? Reach out to the Community Associations Academy online at or 1-866-411-8470.

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