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Indispensable Guidelines for Appointing a Community Association Manager

The field of Community association property management has seen a steep rise in the past one decade. As per the Florida Law, individuals who offer management services for community associations for more than ten units or those over $100,000 annual budget require licensure. According to the latest data, there are more than 10,000 licensed property managers in Florida. So, it becomes highly important to check all the details minutely for an association before taking on board property manager.

A community association manager is certainly of great value for the most associations however, an efficient one is neither cheap nor easy to get. In fact, the irony is that whether good or bad property managers, but are hired at almost the same cost. Undoubtedly, CAM licensing has tremendously helped in enhancing the level of professionalism in the field. It is important to verify their license and certificate of completion of the CAM course in Florida.

A good manager has detailed knowledge about the functioning of community association properties. Not only this, he is also updated on the latest laws and equipped with good communication skills with which he can easily connect with a wide variety of people. Apart from this, the other most important quality considered must for a community association manager is his organizational and analytical skills with which he can make a detailed analysis of all the aspects before taking any final decision.

Other recommended traits include multitasking skills and required follow ups on projects to ensure its success. A community association manager should also be well versed in scheduling and have good knowledge about collections, budgets, payrolls and basic principles of accounting.

Before hiring a community association manager, it is recommended to first analyze and understand minutely the managerial requirements of your community. With this, the hiring board should also be clear on the kind of services to be provided by the selected manager. After that, the board may follow the guidelines given below to make the process as well as the functioning smooth:

For making the recruitment process more fruitful, you can use multiple sources and also take help from associations function in the same field. It’s always recommended to ask questions from your resources which can prove further helpful in choosing the right candidate. Some of the questions can be- the rapport the manager shares with the board and outside vendors as well as the owners; how efficient is he or she in board meeting presentations; proficiency in organizational and communication skills. And most importantly, you must ask how equipped they are to cope up with pressure at times.

Get applications from and select the best three qualified property managers. After that, it’s must to do background checks. You must also not forget to check the candidates’ credit, criminal and driving records to ensure he won’t be a problem for your organization later. In case you want to ensure a thorough check and you don’t have enough resources for the same, opt for the services of a professional screening company. You may find it a little expensive initially, but it would certainly be of great benefit for the organization.

Interviewing is the most important part, but interviewing all potential property managers personally is what makes the difference. It will help the candidates understand your organization’s management needs in a better way. Apart from this, you should make sure that the manager meets maximum board members before he’s hired as it will help in making both the sides more comfortable.

Ask only job related questions and make sure your board members are aware of the basics of the state and federal laws that play a pivotal role in the hiring process. In case you are doubtful in any regard, it’s always better to take help of a legal counsel.

Not to forget, all the references provided by your candidates should be thoroughly checked and the final selection should be done only when the candidate fulfills your community’s requirements.

For delineation of all terms of the relationship, a written management agreement should be made ready by legal counsel, agreed to, and executed. And all this should be completed before the manager’s first day of work. Among other provisions, the contract must also have a set term and a specific expiration date. A severance clause should also be included which covers points for termination “with, or without, cause”. It should also mention the requirement of a written notice for the intent for termination. The provisions like automatic renewals should not be included. Last but not the least; the aim should always be to hire the most capable community association manager and having a well-crafted management agreement. The combination of the two will certainly pave the path of success for the smooth and exemplary functioning of your community association.

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