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How Difficult is the Florida CAM Test? We Tell All Here

Updated: Sep 20

Florida CAM Test

The Community Association Managers (CAM) exam gives you a license to maintain and manage properties in an area. It is a booming profession, with a high expected growth rate of 10% by 2026.

As of 2018, the average salary for Community Association Managers was $58,000 per year. The regulations CAM is bound to vary across states. However, in Florida, you require a license. You get this license when you pass the Florida CAM Test.

How Tough is the Florida CAM Test?

To pass, you must earn a score of 75 out of 100! That is challenging!

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) conducts the test via Pearson VUE. They utilize computers to conduct the multiple-choice exam. You must pick from four options.

Furthermore, the tedious process makes it all more unbearable if you do not make the cut. When applying for the exam, you have to go through a background check – a fingerprinting process to be exact.

Additionally, the applicant must complete a minimum of 16 hours of training from an approved pre-licensure education provider.

Once you receive your certificate of completion from the educational institution, you must submit it to the state. Then, you can take the exam.

It can be difficult for people with other priorities as the test must be taken within one year of said training. If not, it is considered invalid, and the applicant must attend the training again.

Therefore, the entire Florida CAM Test cannot be considered an easy affair.

The test comprises of a hundred questions based on entry-level knowledge of state and federal laws. They include areas like:

· Management of Community Associations

· Creation of Community Association budgets

· Procedures for conducting Community Association meetings

· Management skills

· Association maintenance

However, the Florida CAM Exam is not uncrackable!

Many details have to be covered over a short period. Hence, planning your learning is critical.

The test ensures you know all that is required of a CAM and does its best only to send professionals in the field.

Self-study and preparation outside of the classes is a must if you want to get through on the first attempt.

There are many specifics, like rules and dates, that need to be memorized. This is why consistency in the effort is needed.

One of the best things about the electronic means of testing is that there is no result-anxiety. Your score is delivered right after you complete your exam.

If things go wrong, you can retake the examination by paying a $70 fee. However, this can be avoided easily by studying diligently.

Here are some best practices that will ensure that you will perform well:

· You have much time – two and a half hours to answer 100 questions. Read every question completely.

· The question will feature a lot of double negatives, and this might confuse you and lead to picking the wrong option. Pay attention!

· A lot of the multiple choices presented will have at least one obvious wrong answer – this only helps you narrow down your options.

· If you do not understand the question, mark it and come back to it in the end. Do not get discouraged!

Interested in taking the Florida CAM Exam?

Our package offers both a practice test and the self-paced FL CAM License Course that you can take online and receive certification instantly should you pass.

Learn more about how to get your CAM License online here.

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