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Beginner's Guide to Community Association Management

Guide to Community Association Management

If you're considering becoming a community association manager, there is some important information you should know before you get your Florida CAM license. While more and more people are investing in real estate and getting involved in management, you should fully understand what the job entails before signing up. So let's explore a few tasks community association managers do and the benefits they can get from the job.

What Do Community Association Managers Do?

A community manager is basically in charge of all aspects regarding keeping the community running smoothly. This could be anything from getting plumbing problems fixed quickly to hiring a new landscaping company to supervise community projects. Tasks range from small daily duties to bigger responsibilities, like being a financial adviser for the community association board. Community managers are essentially always on call and have to be available to help residents with any problem, any time. This job involves a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to managing staff members. But it also offers a lot of benefits.

Benefits of the Job

Coordinating projects and tasks within a residential development can be highly rewarding. First off, community association managers will have stable employment and can get a job in varying residential communities based on their preferences. The pay isn't bad either -- in 2017, the average salary for a community associated manager was around $58,670. And those who receive their Florida CAM license can easily transition into the position with little experience, but a background in real estate definitely helps. This job allows you to utilize your organizational, creative, and managerial skills. And within this position, you can work hard to better the community you're responsible for.

Getting your CAM license means you're going to have a long list of responsibilities, but an equally long list of rewards. And hopefully, this article shed some light on the importance of this position. So if you're interested in obtaining your Florida CAM license, check out FLCAA -- our CAM online course can be taken at your convenience. We also provide tools like practice tests so you can ace your CAM course the first time around.

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