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Addressing Property Managers Exhaustion

Imagine yourself in pajamas on a Saturday morning at home relaxing on your bed. After four back to back board meetings during the week, you feel so tired that you couldn’t even show enthusiasm to meet that friend who was in town for the weekend. You can also see a difficult phase ahead as the homeowner you met during the site visit was quite upset and literally shouting at the violation letter he had received. Your spouse in the living room also seems irate with you as you snapped at him for shifting your papers from the nightstand. Not only this, you have also asked the kids to leave the bedroom and give you some time to spend in peace. Yes, five minutes of peace and that’s what you ask from them.

It happens. Actually, people who understand their work quite well also get fascinated by working excessively hard which almost exhausts them leaving them annoyed to show interest in any other thing. It’s great that such people are able to do so much work, but the reality can’t be denied. The work, that over exhausting work which seems really the key of happiness is not as it seems. It sucks out the happiness of your life slowly leaving you addicted to work, just the mechanical work.

However, such work can only be great till it doesn’t meddle with your personal life. What’s the use of such work which forces you to give excuses for being unable to take out time for your family and friends just to meet an adamant landscaping vendor?

Your work remains great only till it doesn’t take a toll on your health and your personal life leaving your completely hollow from inside. And at the end, you just realize what a ‘burn out’ person meant as that person loses the enthusiasm to live his life gleefully.

Before you become the victim, it’s time to come out of such situation. Yes, you can be more successful and fulfill all your aspirations in the company of your loving spouse. You don’t need to sacrifice your loving traits or your hobbies or love for vacations for meeting your goals. In fact, it becomes easier to achieve your aims when life is actually lived and not just dragged by the burden of work. Go and grab the opportunity to enjoy every moment, become that unstoppable individual who can attain both personal and professional success with his optimism.

Let’s discuss a few symptoms which prove that you are on the path of CAM manager burnout, and understand a few steps which may be taken to strike a work life balance:

• Always suffering from head cold

It’s okay to have headache once in a week as its quite common with the stressful modern lifestyle. But becoming dependent on DayQuil to make your days comfortable is really a matter of grave concern. You just can’t keep it aside blaming on the bugging kids or their school issues or other home issues.

Remedy: Fix a rest day and make it mandatory. Make your weekend a 3-day complete pardon from any kind of official work. For relaxing yourself and energize again for the next week’s work, spend time pampering yourself by watching movies, drinking your favorite beverages and playing and laughing with kids and your spouse.

• Constantly worrying about any pending work

If you keep on thinking about office works and worry that your output was not enough, or you left some tasks unfinished, forgot to renew your CAM license online, then you are certainly suffering from burnout. You have been doing all your tasks perfectly whether its kitchen work or basic house responsibilities like closing the garage or locking the door, but still everything fails to give satisfaction as the thought of some work might be pending in office keeps lurking in your mind.

Remedy: Prepare a ‘done’ list and check it every day end to ensure all the tasks are completed. It’s better than a ‘to-do list’ as it focuses on the completed tasks rather than making you more anxious about the pending tasks. The ‘done’ list will also show the incomplete tasks but without leaving any pressure on the mind as the satisfaction of completed tasks will be higher and it will boost your confidence to think that the pending work will be easily completed the next day.

• Your memory is overpowered by forgetfulness

It may happen that you didn’t attend a board meeting just because you couldn’t remember it or simply forgot about its timings. Sometimes, you forget to send the check to your new pool maintenance guy as you remembered it was on auto pay though it was for the previous one.

Remedy: Make a structure for every day’s work and ensure to complete each task allotted on the day. However, it must be kept realistic as too much expectation will only increase the burnout. The best way is to remember the most important tasks and get them accomplished and the rest will follow smoothly. It will keep you ahead in all the major tasks leaving enough time for completion of any other pending tasks.

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